A pre-collection and a collection of knitted fabrics are presented for each season
di tessuti a maglia, molti dei quali sono delle novità che si affiancano agli
to the historical items.The fabrics are unique, created from yarns often
made on our request. The in-house design team,
, taking cue on the fashion trends and on over 30 years' experience,
continuously proposes new articles by mixing innovative yarns and techniques
produced thanks to a close knit network of subcontractors where different materials are woven and dyed
always making use of the best specialists for each composition and weave.
Always specializing in sophisticated plain fabrics, we have recently developed a series of jacquards;
we make our products in all compositions,
both natural such as cashmere, wool, silk, cotton and linen and synthetics such as
sintetiche come la poliammide ed il poliestere; la nostra specialità sono le
specifically viscose, made from both high twisted crepe
and shiny.

We work closely also with customers design offices, starting from their ideas
loro idee per sviluppare tessuti inediti che soddisfino le più innovative idee
creative dei designer: una propositività tecnologica che coniuga i migliori
filati con le più avanzate possibilità di immagliatura e di tintura per offrire alla
to offer the customers sophisticated and qualitatively superior products.